Why I Give Back!

My mission is to make “Make Everyday a Memory”! God has a way of making us very humble. We come into this world with nothing and we go out of the world with nothing. The only thing we have in between is our memories until Alzheimer’s or another disease takes them away. Insurance companies denied the majority of my health care including surgical procedures and I had to fight to get the health care I needed and/or get the denials reversed and get the payments increased to my surgeons. My husband died of cancer and I had to fight the insurance companies to get his medical care covered.

Our resources for our future generations are limited; and we are giving the future generations a world with high debt, less/limited resources and an environment that needs to be conserved for their future to live and for their children to live.

Organizations I support are:

St. Louis Paralegal Association

The TMJ Association

Project Compassion, NFP

Altrusa International


Alzheimer’s Association

Junior League of Greater St. Louis

The Cancer Society

Brides Across America

Veterans Association

 *A percentage of sales for certain products go directly to Charity.